Snapchat for retailers

Catch the Millenials attention with an app.

Attracting the attention of the Millenials, and acquiring knowledge and skills through the major online tools, are the challenges facing retailers today.
Snapchat is one of the tools that has caught the attention of retailers not only for the large percentage of use but also for the first campaigns that have generated a positive ROI.

Snapchat is a popular app among Millenials that is also used by young people up to 34 years old.
The user can quickly share photos and videos with contacts and add colorful animations and on-the-fly texts. The peculiarity of Snapchat is that the contents have an expiration date and they are stored online for only 24 hours, just long enough for contacts to see them. They then disappear from the server.
Today Snapchat has an estimated total of 30 million active users in which 77% of those are college students (Source: DMR). Unlike other social platforms, there are no classic measuring tools such as clicks or forms to fill-in, but pure engagement thanks to the storytelling that retailers can achieve by sharing different snaps. The measuring tools are then the views.

Snapchat stats:

  • 45% of college students open a snap from a brand they don't know;
  • 73% of college students open a snap from a brand they know;
  • 58% of college students would be likely to purchase a product which they have received a coupon for on Snapchat;
  • 67% of college students would like to receive discounts and promotions from brands on Snapchat.

The increased use of contents from mobile devices and the possibility of using geofilters are other peculiarities of this innovative app. It is possible to show content to consumers only when they are near the physical store or in some strategic areas leading them to buy certain products as part of an offer or a coupon.

Target is only one of the larger retail groups that widely uses the different tools offered by Snapchat, studying targeted campaigns for different sales areas and geographical points.

Other retailers have used Snapchat with very positive feedback. Sephora, a famous cosmetics chain, after organizing a lottery on the app, noted an online traffic growth of 10% in the comments.
Even one of the major UK retailers, Co-operative Electrical, chose Snapchat for marketing, with an entire coupon campaign offering discounts to tech-savvy students. By adding the Co-operative Electrical as a friend on Snapchat they received a promotional code for £30 off any laptop, thus generating a purchasing increase.

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